What Is Special About Shabby Chic Furniture?

Shabby chic furniture is very popular nowadays. Started by Britain, shabby chic interior is now included in the world’s largest demanded interior design. Interior designers are specially trained to design the place using vintage accessories and styles. The content of graphic designing course includes a complete topic of shabby chic style. Increasing demand for this interior has left a question in every mind that what is so special in the vintage style furniture?

shabby chic furniture

Let me tell you vintage style furniture is not something from an imaginative world. It is same like our common furniture with little differences that lead to a great effect on ambiance. Here is some description about shabby chic furniture.

  • Cabinets

Vintage cabinets are the common cabinets but the difference is that they are painted in a rough style. The paint is cracked and worn off at some places. The handles are usually old fashioned and large sized and not at all smoothly polished.

  • Cupboards

Cupboards are usually made from the rough wood that is not properly polished. The paint and polish is very rough and uses antique handles and rods.

  • Tables and chairs

Vintage style tables and chairs are those similar to the old Shakespeare novel appearance. These are royal style chairs and tables usually wooden and are covered with a natural cloth like linen and cotton. They are further decorated with flowers and other vintage accessories.

  • Beds

Shabby chic beds are heavy, roughly painted and decorated with the vintage accessories. The beds are generally old fashioned and reminds us of the 1960s. The way they are decorated and arranged determine the percentage of vintage component in their overall appearance.

shabby chic

Everyone can convert their furniture into the shabby chic style by just modifying the arrangement and decoration technique.


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